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Holding of joint meeting of Ambassodors and representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states
The joint meeting of Ambassodors of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states was held in the Vanak lab, Thehran; on 4 March, 2013

In the meeting, many individuals, ambassoderos; first or second secretory or Charge d'affaires from  11 countries & authorities of the NOCR were atended. After the recitation of the holy Quran & demonstration of afilm giving introduction to the NOCR, Mr. Tarighat; NOCR head's advisor &executive manager in National Smart card plan, gave a presentation on the Iranian National Smart card and expressed hope that by the end of the 5th country development programe, the plan woulld have been implemented.

 Then Dr. Nazemi Ardakani deputy interior Minister and head of NOCR expressed his statements.Referring to the mission, vission and the goals of the NOCR & its role in the e- government, he talked about the first session of the civl status heads& experts of OIC member states in the next year &asked the guests to inform their contries about it.

    News Group   :   ECO Date    :   2013/03/05 View times    :   1349 Time