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The MOU, between the head of NOCR and UNFPA Representative
To increase cooperation and exchange of experiences, the MOU, between the head of NOCR and UNFPA Representative in Iran was signed

Mr. Ardakani, referring to the population reduction upon present procedure, in the future decades, said:" the statistics information was present to the government authorities &the reduction population policies have changed".

He added:" there are fluid population in the rural regions which immigrate to the small city , if the individuals; upon  the zip code changes law, record their moving house& address changes, it will be possible to announce the place-oriented population rate.

In the following, he emphasized that they would use the neighbors countries experiences in the moving house registration field presented by UNFPA , and also expressed the hope that by signing the MOU , the cooperation relations  would expanded.

Mehmet Hvlkyavz ,UNFPA Representative in I.R.Iran, referred  that the before cooperation relations with NOCR had been cut from 2010, but  the re-formation of the association was pleased. Also he said:"THE 5TH   UNFPA program is based on the country 5th development program. Referring to the supreme leader's speech ,to get to the Self-sustaining populations, he emphasized: Leader's speeches are the appreciate support for UNFPA population policies.

    News Group   :   ECO Date    :   2013/03/02 View times    :   1061 Time