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The OIC Meeting will be held
The final date of the OIC Meeting of NOCR heads and experts was declared.

Mr.Halimi the advisor of NOCR president in international affairs declared that the final date of the OIC meeting of NOCR heads and experts will be held on 15 – 17 April 2013.

He also said the suggested date was agreed with SESRIC and it is supposed the invitation letters to be sent for all OIC members next week. The advisor of NOCR president expressed hope that most of OIC members attend in the meeting. He said the goal of holding this meeting is closeness of OIC members, being familiar and exchange of experience between civil registration organization of OIC members especially training and research cooperations.

It should be noted that the meeting was supposed to be held in October in current year but it was postponed because the number of countries did not reach to the quorum.

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