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Holding the first Workshop on Production of Population Statistics and Information
The first Workshop on Production of Population Statistics and Information of ECO Member States was held on 6-7 November 2012

According to international affairs, the first Workshop on Production of Population Statistics and Information of ECO Member States was held, with attendance of the representatives of 4member states(Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan& Turkey)   on 6-7 November 2012 at NOCR Education & Research Center, in Tehran.

In this session, after the opening, Mr. Parsaie, Deputy of IT and Population Statistics of Civil Status Registration Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Welcomed the guests, professors and experts of demographic sciences particularly experts in civil status registration of ECO members who participated in the educational workshop of Production Procedures and Analysis of Population Statistics based on Registered Data.

 Also he hoped:" holding this educational workshop will prove to be an effective step towards exchanging views and scientific information on the relevant issues".


In the following he referred:" Knowing population and demographic changes and adopting suitable measures and policies in compatibility with those changes are pre-requisites in achieving progress and sustained development. Population and its structure is considered as the main source of economic growth and national development and without having exact and updated information on the size volume, structure and other population and demographic specifications, planning and taking a proper move towards predicted perspectives will be practically impossible.

In Islamic Republic of Iran too, the executive systems such as State Civil Status Registration Organization, Statistics Center of Iran and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education have been assigned with the responsibility of producing statistics and information on population and their specifications in various areas including the age and gender combination, income and economic status, education level of people in the society, marriage and family formation, local and international migrations, personal and community health and similar issues. In addition, several academic and university centers monitor and analyze that information specifically and present the results and findings in this area.

Mr. Abolghasem Tahmasebi ,the Eco Deputy Secretary General, warmly welcomed all distinguished participants & On behalf of the ECO Secretariat expressed appreciation and gratitude to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran , particularly , the Honorable Deputy Interior Minister and Head of National Organization for Civil Registration of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Nazemi Ardakani, for his personal support and cooperation, for making excellent arrangements for this event and warm hospitality extended to the participants.

Dr. M.Huki Uz, UNFPA representative, expressed his sincere thanks to the organizers and welcomed to all. He also referred:" the 5 th UNFPA country programmed in Iran (2012-2016)is very much focusing on the promotion of evidence- based programming in the areas of the population &development, reproductive health & women. There is no doubt that the vital statistics along with the population &housing census &DHS are the main sources for production of basic evidence for planning &programming in any country, Among others, registered or vital statistics are crucial for formulating national and sub national policies and for measuring progress toward achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. In this regard, I have been informed recently that the NOCR in Iran is able to report vital data on daily basis at national level through its portal which is a milestone in production of data in country; perhaps absence of sufficient analysis is the main pitfall on the way of generating baseline information for development of programming and planning.

I’m confident that this two-day training workshop provides theoretical and

Practical framework for the analysis of vital statistics which are key demographic indicators in addressing development issues.


Then, Professor Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Tehran University pro. Extensively discussed the importance of the workshop and its objectives.
 After the opening ceremony, workshops was held about the importance of population issues, concepts demographics, population growth and, age, sex composition, marital status statistics main index, birth rates criteria, procedures and mortality patterns &,migration and development in Eco, countries .

On the sidelines of the workshop ,two working groups  , includes of representatives of Iran, Pakistan and Turkey , was held on educational priorities, and how to run and finance  common websites .

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