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Comparison of statistical status of marriage and divorce in Iran & other Countries
The rate of marriage and divorce registry in our country in 1390 is respectively 11/7 and 1/9 for every 1000 people.

Different factors are effective on these numbers, such as: population youth, culture, and customs, legal age for marriage and social matters. The studies show, in Iran, the rate of marriage is higher than all countries of district except Tajikistan.

This index is 3/9 for France, 4/5 for Canada, 4/7 for Germany, 4/8 Norway, 4/5 Australia, 7/5 China, 8/5 Russia.

In addition, the rate of divorce in some countries is 4/5 for Russia, 2/6 Finland, 2/5 South Korea, 2/4 Norway, 2/3 Germany and Australia, 2/1 France and 2 Japan.

According to the study, the index of divorce rate in Iran is lower than the mentioned countries and also some countries of district such as: Kazkhstan.

Jordan and Kuwait.


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