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Report of the Human Resources & Sustainable Development Directorate
The 22nd Meeting of ECO’s Regional Planning Council (RPC) was held by ECO Secretariat, in Tehran, Iran on 9-11 July, 2012

During the three-day meetings, the RPC and its Working Committees discussed about regional importance issues pertaining to trade and investment, transport and communications, energy and minerals, agriculture and environment, industry ,tourism and Human Resources.


In Human/ Human Resource Development commission many suggestions by Iranian interior ministry , were discussed and finally ,following issues approved:


1.                  The Council requested the Member States to make their utmost efforts for implementation of the recommendations of the First Meeting of the Heads of National Civil Registration Organizations/Centers of ECO Member States, inter alia, establishing a trilateral working group comprising of Iran, Pakistan and Turkey in collaboration with the ECO Secretariat to coordinate the rendered tasks to them by the Meeting; Conducting of study tours to witness the progress made by the Member States in the field of issuing Smart-Card; Holding of workshops, expert group meetings in the priority areas of Civil Registration; Nominating the focal points in the field of Civil Registration.


2.                 The Council appreciated the kind offer of the Republic of Turkey to hold the 2nd Meeting of the ECO Heads of National Organizations/Centers for Civil Registration in the year 2013 and also requested the Republic of Turkey to propose the set of dates and hospitality details for the Meeting.



3.                 The Council appreciated the kind offer of the Islamic Republic of Iran to host the Workshop on Production of population statistics & information in Tehran on 29-30 October, 2012 and also requested the Iranian relevant authorities to furnish to the Secretariat the draft Agenda/Programme and hospitality details.    

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